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July 3 2019

 So today started as any other really, got up, did a little work and then had lunch with the Minister of Revenue, Fisheries, Small Business and Police, The Honourable Stuart Nash. He then came round afterwards to have a look at our humble place of work.

I was really wanting to dislike him, like all politicians and especially Members of the Cabinet, but he was very approachable and listened to what we had to say. Whether anything gets done is another matter, but he came, he listened and it was nice to have a gripe to someone in influence about the Anti Money Laundering Rules, compliance and lack of incentives for entrepreneurs to invest in businesses. He was genuinely surprised by some of the things he was told and promised to follow up.
We will now be used as a case study to help the department of enterprise and business (I think he said!) understand more about what we have been through over the past 12 months since taking over Lamberts and to see if they can learn anything to make it easier in future. So meetings with men in suits to analyse our business.
He is also going to take up our case with the local council regarding some really dumb resource consent rules they have told us we need to apply for. Even he said they were nuts, (the rules, not the Council!), so again, time will tell to see if anything happens.
But overall, a good day at work and one of the great things about living in NZ, we can still get high up politicians to come and see us without SWAT, choppers and roads being cordoned off!