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March 2020 at lamberts engineering

 We now sell the diggers. Good quality and come with a trailer as part of the deal. Hook it up and tow it away. Powered by a three-cylinder 650cc Yanmar diesel or a single diesel for the budget one, plenty of grunt to do the job. Perfect for lifestylers and small rural properties, or even as a hire out.
We also service them so you know we aren't going to leave you in the lurch. Come in and talk to John about all the technical stuff. Start from around $11,000 for the digger, trailer on top. As a guide, we saw one today in a well known DIY store for sale, $49,999, and a similar size! Mmmmmm.......

 Well despite all the doom and gloom out there, we seem to be riding the storm well so far. Not gloating, but saying a big thank you to all our clients, new and old, for supporting us. We really appreciate it and al the time you bring us work, we'll keep doing it.
So some of the jobs we have in and have completed recently. A classic early 1960s VW Beetle 1500cc engine rebuild. We hear people in South Island pay upwards of $15,000 for one of these to be done. Really?? Bring it to us and you'll have loads of change from that!
A Toyota 3L engine, late 1980s, non-turbo.
1951 MG Roadster engine all sorted and ready to go, once we have the last gaskets. The biggest issue we have now; getting supplies. So please be patient.
A 6.1 litre Hemi engine. Complete rebuild after a not so successful trip elsewhere. No names, no slagging off, just a fact.
Oh and another MG engine for a rebuild! Comes in looking pretty sad as you can see, will go out looking brand new(ish!).
And also a 4J11 2007 3.0TDI engine. So as you can see, the engine side is busy.

 Ok, anyone under 30, guess what these are?
For anyone older who remembers old school stuff, fully rebuilt, cleaned and sorted for a client on his old Yamaha 650 and quote "Went like a rocket afterwards and idled perfectly" despite not being running or even started, for at least ten years! So if you have any that need servicing, we can do them and understand these things!
Y gen; guessed what they are yet???? Or more to the point, how they work...?

Well look, more news! Wonders never cease eh?
So the new fabrication area is coming along nicely. Nearly 10 tonnes of gravel unloaded by hand, well shovel but let's not be picky, and put nice and level on the hardcore underneath. Next few days will be spent compacting it, then the concrete floor can be put in.
Then we clad the outside and open up. As long as we aren't in a nationwide shut down! Could be the first grand opening with no one there.. 

 And in case you were thinking we have turned into an engine only place, nah!
A lovely compressor housing box we have made, to go outside a local business. Will be installed this weekend.
And the start of a new range we're doing, quad trailers. Seems they are hard to get so we will make any size and style you want. Just pop in and let us know what you're after and we'll sort it.