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  • Welding and fabrication work

  • Engine cylinder and block work

  • Engineering Lathe Work

  • Driveshaft and engine work

  • Mobile engineering workshop

    Rural, on a farm, the equipment you can't get in to see us? No problem, we will come out to you and fix what can be done on-site. If it can't be, we will remove it and bring it back to the workshop where it'll be done.  We are also offering a special payment plan for rural businesses, farmers, arborists, vineyards, apiaries, contractors, loggers, or anyone interested in spreading the service and maintenance costs of being in business. Feel free to come and discuss it with Tom or John or make an appointment, and we'll come and explain how it works. Please note, this is NOT a finance option, it is a way to spread the cost of repairs and maintenance over the year, like an AA plan."

  • Wheel straightening and repair

    We have the only proper alloy and steel wheel repair machine in the Wairarapa.

Lamberts Engineering is the only automotive engineering business in the Wairarapa. We have been doing automotive engineering since 1922, starting with Model T Fords and going all the way to modern drag and drift engines. Our head engine rebuilder has been with us since 1975 and our assistant is a fully qualified motor mechanic and Can Am technician. We can grind cranks, cams, balance and build driveshafts up to 1000 horsepower. We often work on classic Jaguar, MG and Land Rover engines from as early as the 1930s. Recently a fully rebuilt Mopar V8 with lumpy cam and stage one tune was completed.
We have the most powerful 2-litre drag engine in NZ which we have built for the owner, at over 800bhp. It is aimed to be over 1000 soon with some more modifications. All headwork, rebores, honing, disassembly and building are done in house. Parts are either OEM, sourced worldwide, or are better than OEM. We do not use cheap Chinese parts unless either budget is a consideration or nothing else is available. We have accounts around the world to source classic car parts. We also source parts for V8s directly from the US.
All engines can be blueprinted and balanced in house. Block is completely taken apart and all parts washed in our engine washer and degreaser. Once done, measurements are taken of the bore, cams, crank and anything else to see what is needed and parts ordered. The block and head are crack tested. Most cracks can be repaired within reason. The customer is kept up to date with what is needed, budget and time frame. An estimate of time and price is given before work is started so there are no surprises. Heads are skimmed if need be, barrels honed and deglazed. New rings, pistons, valves, oil pump, water pumps, gaskets and anything else needed are supplied as standard, unless not required or requested by the client. Valve seats are reground to make sure they are perfect. Gearboxes can and are also checked if requested and can be repaired on-site.
Once the engine parts have arrived, it is reassembled in house and then checked to make sure all is perfect, before going to the client or garage. If need be, we can remove and refit the engine in house. We offer a free pick up and delivery service anywhere in NZ for engines. All work is covered by a full 20,000kms 12-month warranty on work carried out. If it's not right or the engine isn't as the client expects, we stand by our work and will remedy any defects. Of course, we will only cover parts and work done by Lamberts Engineering Ltd and cannot be responsible for work carried out or damage caused by the garage who may remove or install the engine.