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Lamberts was started in 1922 by an engineer from the North of England. After being in family firm for 96 years, it has recently changed hands. The new owner is John Brogden, a local engineer who used to run a large company locally but wanted to go out on his own.

 Lamberts Engineering 1921 Limited is the only authorised place in New Zealand able to make a specialist horse measuring device that is certified to give true and accurate figures acceptable to the National Equine Society. So as you can see, a varied engineering business! And any drive shafts worked on by Lamberts will get a Lamberts sticker placed on them and they will then be ok for Certification, as we are assessed as being above the required grade needed for homologation.

Drag cars, drift cars, agricultural equipment, trailers, farm gates, general fabrication, presses, cams, gearboxes, you bring it in, we’ll fix, rebuild it or alter it for you. All jobs will be quoted prior to starting and we stand by all work. If it ain’t right, we’ll do it again for free. 

It is with deep regret to let you know Robert Lambert died on Christmas eve. He was the grandson of the founder of Lamberts Engineering and had worked there all his life. We purchased it off him and his cousin Richard in August 2018.
He was a brilliant engineer and was still helping us out now and again with his specialist skills. He had so much knowledge that will be much missed by us and the wider community. He was one of the old school engineers, he could make and fix anything he put his mind to. A rare and special breed. Another true local legend has passed.
Our sympathies go out to his family but we are glad to be carrying on his name with our business.


What we do:

 Welding and fabrication work 

 Engine cylinder and block work 

Driveshaft and engine work